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What Are the Benefits of Yoga for Fibromyalgia

Written by pallavikhera

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fibromyalgia is a type of medical condition, which has the characteristics of general pain which is caused as a result of high pressure applied on the area of pain. A few symptoms of Fibromyalgia is extreme pain, fatigue, weak limbs, pain in the nervous system, twitched muscles etc.

There are many treatment measures for Fibromyalgia. One among them is yoga. Yoga is considered to be the best remedies when compared to all the exercise machines available in the market. The number of machines available is so high that the Fibromyalgia patient may get confused. In order to get maximum benefit from the yoga for Fibromyalgia, you should understand the two main symptoms – pain and nervousness. Yoga is a form of exercise which helps in combining the mind and body of a person. Thus the two symptoms of pain and nervousness concerned with body and mind can be cured with this form of exercise. However, one should know the proper technique in performing the yoga exercises which can otherwise lead to far more complications.

As the Fibromyalgia patient performs the yoga exercises, there is a sense of physical and mental goodness that prevails over him. The yoga exercises also enable the person to grasp optimistic energy, increase the elasticity of the body, decrease the pain and stimulate the targeted organs and glands. To top it all, it also helps in increasing the flow of blood in the body.

With the help of yoga, the Fibromyalgia performs stretches and actions which are otherwise not performed in our daily life. These actions help in putting the unused bone joints to use. Another benefit of the yoga is that it helps in improving the body posture and toning the body.

sleep disturbance being one of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, the patient also acquires good and sound sleep. This is possible because of the peace and calm that prevail the controlled mind.  On the other hand it also decreases the levels of stress that the person has on the mind as well as the body.

A particular posture named as ‘Surya Namaskar’ aims at the overall sustenance and improvement of the body and mind. Thus, when the Fibromyalgia patient performs this ‘Surya namaskar’, it not only cures him of the prevailing symptoms of pain, but also prevents the pain from occurring in any other part of the body. Thus yoga is a very helpful exercise for medical treatments.

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