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What Is the Biggest Earthquake Ever Recorded

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With the help of the extensive data which is available with the United States Geological Service which is also known as the USGS, with the help of the USGS  it becomes an easy approach to know the entire detail regarding What Is the Biggest earthquake Ever Recorded, this earthquake was occurred and observed with the highest density, this disaster took place near the town of Valdivia and Puerto Montt, which is in Chile, in the year 1960 which was called the Great Chilean Earthquake, and to our astonishment this quake was measured with the impressive and dangerous density of  9.5 on the parameters of  Richter scale. The greatest death number which was caused by the Biggest Earthquake Ever Recorded or Great Chilean Earthquake is particularly not confirmed, even though according to  USGS it was estimated that approximately 1700 people's life were taken away by this great disaster,  this huge earthquake which can be caused the damage of US dollars 800 billion.

As there is high probability that there are few classical earthquakes which are of high magnitude, however as the Richter scale was not created till year 1930, and so it was a tedious task to ascertain the density of earthquake and to further compare it quantitatively. Like for instance, the Earthquake in Lisbon which was occurred in the year 1755 was extremely severe if all the points were considered, but since there was no Richter scale and so it created the great tsunami that was only judged by the rate of people died in this huge disaster, and also the earthquake which happened in China in 1500s was considered to be the deadliest earthquake in the history, which had killed many millions of people.

What Is the Biggest Earthquake Ever Recorded

With regard to the earthquakes that are studied, which are also measured, and even recorded with the help of the Richter Scale, even though, the biggest ever recorded earthquake which is Great Chilean Earthquake was very far but it was biggest earthquake which have ever occurred and caused the diverse disaster. While keeping one thing in your mind about the measuring parameter of earthquake which is Richter scale that works along with the exponential work and progress, the second biggest earthquake which was measured was the earthquake which was found in Alaska, in the year 1964 William Sound that was measured on the Richter scale at 9.2.  The high risk of the huge earthquakes have now increased at a drastic rate after the striking of the biggest earthquake or the Great Chilean Earthquake, the accountability basically is for the enhanced  population and its growth of several towns and mega cities.  Several big cities which are located in the seismically prone areas and locations, and earthquake hits majority on this area in a great size which can lead to the disaster city and town. 

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